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19 March 2006



I'm so sad to find out they went bankrupt. We moved and I just thought the catalog hadn't followed us. I used the catolog to find good books from the library but I also made sure I ordered a bunch from them--especially at christmas. It was my present-- a big box of books from a Common reader. The holidays will not be the same for me.

Irv Thomas

Well, here I am, sad too late! After the fact of your own discovery of loss, by about two years. Cleaning out some of my own shelved material, I came across the half-dozen odd copies of A Common Reader that I somehow acquired (never having subscribed), and occasionally browsed - always captivated in the rare moments of dipping into them - and just became curious enough to see if I could obtain a current copy . . . but lo and behold, I made the sad discovery, just as you did, that they are no more!

Well, I shall regard them as occasional browsing material nevertheless. They are still wonderful prompters for books to seek, and fulfill the need for idle dreams, as the moment permits. I had intended, perhaps, to throw them out, but . . . no more!

Anne Middlemas

I loved the catalog too. I depended on them at Christmas to find great books my family loved. The editor is now reviewing at Barnes and Noble.

Janice Bernath

I'm so sad too; I love A Common Reader! I hadn't thought about the catalog in quite some time - same as others, I didn't notice when it didn't come, only when it did. There are still a few odd copies at my house and I'll hold on to those. Their selection of books was amazing and I bought quite a few from them. So sad they went bankrupt.


I agree wholeheartedly about the breadth of the selection. The old catalogs are a wonderful reference.

Christopher Gottschalk, MD

Would any of you be willing to share copies of your old Common Reader issues? I have been more than a little distracted last few years, and only just realized now how long it's been since I'd seen my favorite catalogue. If you would, I am keen to assemble a collection. [email protected]


I'd have to find my copies -- not sure where they got stashed (or even if Someone Else 'tidied'). I wonder if catalogs are copyrighted like other printed material? It would be wonderful if someone could blog the catalog entries.

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